Teacup Maltese dog for adoptionMan’s best friend – Maltese Dogs

Maltese dogs and puppies have been known as man’s best companion. Renowned for their cuteness, Maltese are small dogs that belong to the toy group (AKC Maltese breed). There are very tiny Maltese dogs – teacup miniature Maltese. The most remarkable feature of the dogs is their silken white hair with no undercoat. Since Maltese do not have fur like other breeds, they lose hair like humans. Hence Maltese are good pets, especially for those individuals that suffer from allergies.

The Maltese dogs are fearless, friendly, eager to learn, and sociable. Maltese easily befriend children, other dogs and cats.

Maltese weight between three to ten pounds and are seven to nine inches in height. Maltese dog has a round dark eyes surrounded by a dark halo, wide and black nose and domed skull. The dogs have low ears covered by long hair and small, round feet.

Maltese dogs has a lifespan of 12-15 years, though some live up to 18 years.

Taking care of Maltese

It is very important to take proper care of these dogs. Keeping Maltese clean and tidy makes the skin of the dog healthy and also assists in the reduction of body odor. Maltese should be given a bath every 10 days. You can make use of dog shampoo and dog conditioner for an efficient bath.

The dogs need enough attention to provide them with enough socialization to be friendly with strangers and other dogs. Dog experts agree that the Maltese are difficult to housebreak and many recommend crate training.

Feeding crunchy high-quality Maltese dog food can help keep their teeth clean, while feeding table scraps or people food may make Maltese dogs more picky eaters. Maltese love to be lap dogs, but overindulging them may lead to excessive shyness and distrust around other people and dogs. Continue reading…

Dog constipation

Home remedial measures to treat dog constipation

Although dog constipation is not a serious ailment but the ailment is known to cause a lot of pain and discomfort to the pet. Dogs of any breed, any size and any age may be a subject to constipation. The problem may be caused due to a dozen of reasons with some common causes being lack of exercise, poor diet, lack of fiber, medications, old age, etc. Continue reading…

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Why does my dog eat poop?

Common FAQ about why does my dog eat poop

Does your Maltese dog likes to eat feces, and you find this very unpleasant? Well, no need to feel bad about it as poop eating is a common problem found in hundreds and thousands of dogs located all across the globe.

Poop eating is also known as Coprophagia. This act is not incidental as well as accidental. It is habitual and also deliberate. In this behavior, dogs are known to eat non food items. The non food items may be things such as paper, plastic, curtain rings, rock, dirt, fecal matter of other animals and also of own. Some of the above mentioned items may be not digested and henceforth give way to bowel obstructions. Continue reading…

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Constipated dogs

Dealing with your constipated dog

Is your dog facing troubles in pooping? Are his stools small, dry, round and hard? Has he started taking more time to discharge his stools? Have you noticed him cry or strain during a bowel movement? Did the bowels of your pet did not move for two to three days? Well, if your answer is a “yes” to one or more to the above mentioned questions then the chances are that you have a constipated dog. Continue reading…

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