A few facts about Maltese dogs and puppies

The facts about Maltese dogs and puppies

The Maltese is a small breed of dog in the toy group. It is a small, hardy dog with silky hair. The body is compact with the length equaling the height. The chest is deep. The black eyes are large, round and set moderately apart with dark rims. The pendant, low-set ears are set close to the head and heavily feathered. The nose is black with open nostrils.

The Maltese breed is descended from dogs originating in the Central Mediterranean Area. They became a favourite companion of the upper classes of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The Maltese had been recognized as a FCI breed under the patronage of Italy in 1954, at the annual meeting in Interlaken.

The Maltese is a good dog for apartment life. They are very active indoors and will do okay without a yard but they need a daily walk.
Maltese are excellent companion dogs. They’re patient with children and rarely develop bad habits of biting or scratching. They are extremely lively and playful. Maltese are highly intelligent, gentle, loving, trusting and devoted to its master.

Maltese often enjoy the company of other animals but care must always be taken to make sure that your Maltese is safe around other animals though, because the other animals may not be as friendly.

A weekly bath will keep your Maltese smelling fresh and clean no matter what length of hair he has.

There is only one type of Maltese. There are not distinctions such as toy, teacup, mini, and micro-mini Maltese dogs.

Maltese puppies should be a minimum of 12 weeks old before going to their new homes.

The cost of a Maltese puppy is usually around $1000.00 or more with the average being between $1500.00 and $3000.00. But sometimes you can find a cheap Maltese dogs. Check online offers at breeders sites.

Maltese dogs and puppies

Maltese dogs and puppies

Maltese can has dark spots on his skin. The dark skin is just pigment. A lot of times the pigment will become much darker/more noticeable in the summer time due to being out in the sun.

Remember, when grooming your Maltese, not to neglect their ears. This breed is known as a drop-eared breed. Hair grows on the inside of the ears as well as the outside. If grooming is insufficient, the dog may suffer from wax build-up, inflammation, or debris caught in the ear.

Maltese dogs have a life expectancy of 15 or more years.

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