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The Maltese breed dogs are dogs that belong to the toy category and are regarded as the oldest European breeds since the 1800’s. Maltese breed comes from the Mediterranean Sea area, most likely Italy and Greece, and gets its name from the island of Malta.

Royals, nobles and aristocracy were known to favor this breed. They are often addressed as Bichon Maltaise or Chien de Malte. Maltese breed is very affectionate and well mannered. They are known for their graceful outdoor behaviour.

Maltese breed info: History of Maltese breed

Maltese dog is believed to belong to the Spitz family. There is a lot of evidence to prove that Maltese breed dogs have originated from Asia and are also related to the Tibetan Terriers. However, with the passage of time their origins have been lost. These breeds were seen first seen in England.

However, in the 19th century, Maltese breed dogs nearly became extinct as their breeders were trying hard to make them small. There were almost nine varied breeds within one single breed. And what we see today is the developed breed.

Maltese breed indormation

The Maltese dogs have been given the reorganization as FCI under Italian Patronage in the year 1954. They are highly enjoyable, animated, playful and intelligent. They are social and ooze great delight and joy. They love staying in a family surrounded by people and love to be the center of attraction. Maltese breed is highly endearing and a devoted companion.

Maltese breed appearance

Maltese breed dogs are characterized by finger wide dome, slightly round shape skulls and a black nose that is almost two fingers long. They have a compact body, and their height and length are almost equal.

Standard or average weight of Maltese breed dog is 4 to 7 pounds with heights between 8 and 10 inches, however they have been known to weigh less than 4 pounds and as much as 12 pounds.

The most remarkable feature of maltese dogs is their dark eyes surrounded by a dark pigmentation and drop ears with long hairs that combine to create the perfect impressive and expressive looks. Many a times their noses fade and become light brown or pink in color due to lack of sunlight.

Maltese breed info: Color and coat

Maltese dogs and puppies are famous for their snow white color and silky and long coat that lack an undercoat. Pure white is often the most common color but shades of cream, light lemon and pale orange are also found.

Maltese breed info: Temperament

Maltese breed dogs are believed to be dedicated companions who crave for attention and love. They are extremely playful and lively and most of the times their level of energy remains consistent throughout their age.

Maltese Breed

Maltese Breed

Some maltese breed dogs are known to be very snappish with smaller children and hence demand supervision while playing. They are quite active within the house and prefer enclosed spaces. As a result they fare very well in townhouses and apartments.

AKC Maltese breed dogs are easily trained and highly intelligent. These pets are also playful, happy and trusting.


Dogs of maltese breed do not have undercoat and therefore, there is no shedding. Staining around the eyes and hair is a problem and it can be taken care by proper cleaning. The face needs to kept dry and gentle cleaning needs to be done every two to three days or the stains can develop again. Regular grooming and brushing is essential to prevent matting of silky long hair.

Maltese must be protected from weather extremes. These dogs should avoid damp environments to avoid respiratory problems or excessive exposure to sunlight, as they can be sunburned.

Although Maltese breed are considered a healthy breed, these dogs can be prone to retinal atrophy, and respiratory problems.

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