Dog Ear Drops

Cure Your Maltese Dog’s Ear Infection With Dog Ear Drops

Ear infections are quite common in dogs. They are known to cause excessive irritation, discomfort and even pain. The easiest way to treat dogs with ear infection is to apply dog ear drops.

Dog ear drops are easily available in the market but make sure you consult your veterinarian before buying any specific dog ear drops. Dog ear drops can be effectively used to cure severe inner or middle ear infections. Dog ear drops are very easy to apply. You just need to install the dog ear drops into the affected ears of your Maltese dog with the help of a dropper.

Types of dog ear drops

Dog ear drops are generally of two types – dog ear drops for infections and dog ear drops for cleaning. Dog ear drops for infection are used to heal ear infection and ear mites.

Generally, dog ear drops prescribed by a veterinarian for an infection will probably contain antibiotics. Antibiotic dog ear drops are effective for killing yeast, mites or bacteria.

Dog ear drops meant to heal ear mites contain insecticides. Some dog ear drops also contain anti inflammatory components and assist in curing the swelling and redness caused due to the ear infection. Dog ear drops containing herbal and natural components are easily available in the market for those dogs that are allergic to certain chemicals and antibiotics.

Where to buy dog ear drops for ear infections

Dog ear infection is a common ailment and may reoccur in spring and rainy seasons. Generally, people get dog ear drops applied through veterinarians, but you can also apply the same if you can buy the proper dog ear drops.

The best recommendation is to visit a veterinarian and seek for advice for the dog ear drops that should be used and the place they can be brought from. Moreover, if you are sceptical about unnecessarily paying the veterinarian’s fees then you can visit any pet speciality store. And if all these methods do not work out, you can restore to the internet. There are several websites that sell specific pet medicines and dog ear drops.

Application of dog ear drops

Though dog ear drops are known to be the effective remedy, but it is really tough to apply the dog ear drops as the dogs are unaware of what is being done.

The process of application of dog ear drops needs to be done very carefully. Ask someone to help you out and hold your pet. The helper should have his front legs down. However, if you are supposed to apply the dog ear drops by your own, then try holding your Maltese dog by placing him in between your knees. Make sure you hold him gently so that he cooperates with you. You may also try wrapping your dog in a warm hot towel in order to soothe him and make it easier for you to hold him.

Dog Ear Drops

Dog Ear Drops

For application of dog ear drops, lift your dog’s infected ear and hold it in between your index finger and thumb. Use your other hand to put in the dog ear drops. Ensure that you do not touch the Maltese dog’s infected ear with any part of the dog ear drops bottle as it might startle him.

After the application of dog ear drops, hold the ear with one hand and massage the area with your other hand so that the applied dog ear drops move down to the ear canal. Generally, the ear drops treatment lasts for one to two weeks and you need to apply the ear drops once or twice a day as prescribed.

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