Dog Lyme Disease Symptoms

Maltese Dog Lyme Disease Symptoms Basic Overview

If your pet dog is susceptible to pick up ticks then you should look for dog lyme disease symptoms in your dog. Lyme disease in dogs is a serious disease and is known to be fatal in certain cases. It is very vital to learn about Maltese dog lyme disease symptoms as it will assist you to prevent serious medical conditions and fatal results. It is a bacterial disease caused by the Deer tick, also known as the black legged tick carrying bacteria.

For a deer tick to infect a dog, it must be embedded or attached to the skin of the dog for at least 48 hours. However, removal of the tick within twenty four hours shall largely decrease the chances of your dog catching the Lyme disease.

Learning about Maltese dog lyme disease symptoms will allow you to ensure effective daily inspection and effective remedial measures to prevent the spreading of the disease. To be very frank, visible Maltese dog lyme disease symptoms are exhibited only after several weeks and months after the bacterial infection has been infested. Let us understand in details about dog lyme disease symptoms.

Visible Maltese dog lyme disease symptoms

One of the first dog lyme disease symptoms to look for are limping. These are quite similar to the symptoms of the disease rheumatoid arthritis. Watch out for sore legs and feet. Joints also have a tendency to be inflamed. The lameness associated with dog lyme disease symptoms are known to appear suddenly and also moves mysteriously from one leg to the other.

The other common Maltese dog lyme disease symptoms in dogs affected with Lyme disease is that dogs may develop a high temperature than the normal temperature. Fever ranging from 103 F to 105 F is alarming dog lyme disease symptoms. The fever might also be accompanied with anorexia and vomiting.

A dog infected with the deadly Lyme disease will not eat anything and may look dull. Look for Maltese dog lyme disease symptoms such as a swollen abdomen which is tender to touch, bad breath similar to that of ammonia, and severely decreased or increased urination. Unexplained and lethargic behaviors, nervousness, seizures, confusions, are some other examples of alarming dog lyme disease symptoms.

Severe dog lyme disease symptoms cover kidney failure, meningitis, myocarditis, protein losing glomerulonueropathy, encephalitis and neurological disabilities. However, dog lyme disease symptoms vary with certain conditions and severity. Some dogs may not have any dog lyme disease symptoms, and some may develop certain non specific dog lyme disease symptoms.

Treatment of Maltese dog lyme disease symptoms

It is highly recommended to consult an appropriate veterinarian as you get to see any of dog lyme disease symptoms. Depending upon on the severity of dog lyme disease symptoms and the disease, the doctor shall recommend appropriate treatments and medicine for the Lyme disease and symptoms.

It has been observed that not all dogs accept all the Lyme disease treatments and medications in a similar fashion. Thus, the pet owner should allow the veterinarian to decide the best treatment in accordance to the Maltese dog lyme disease symptoms.

It is very vital to get Lyme disease treated on time or else it may lead to paralysis at an advanced stage. The hind and the first limbs are the first body parts affected by Lyme disease. Lyme disease is also known to spread to the respiratory muscles and may also give way to asphyxiation. Fortunately, today there are certain vaccines also available for prevention of various infections. Once your dog is free from the Lyme disease, you can have him vaccinated in order to prevent future infections and diseases.

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