Dog Tick Treatment

Basic Overview: All About Maltese Dog Tick Treatment

Ticks are common problems that most of the dogs suffer from. Since Maltese dogs love to spend their time outdoors, they are susceptible to ticks. Ticks are nothing but parasites that latch on the dogs and feed on their blood. There are several species of ticks and all of them are known to cause severe skin conditions and infections.

If you suspect that your Maltese dog has been charged with ticks, then it is vital for you to seek appropriate dog tick treatment as quick as you can. The poor pet dog must be scratching and itching at the infected area and bearing the discomfort.

What is dog tick treatment?

Dog tick treatment is essential for Maltese dogs that stay in high risk places for tick borne diseases. The areas where ticks are found, more than 95% dogs are exposed to several illness caused due to ticks such as Lyme disease. Early detection and prevention are the best solutions to deal with the problem.

Dog tick treatment is nothing but removal and treatment of ticks through varied measures. Fortunately, today there are several dog tick treatment options available to assist the pet owners and make the pet comfortable and healthier. Some of the dog tick treatment methods are to be used in combination and in accordance with the local conditions. Varied dog tick treatment products have different precautionary measures. Hence, it is vital to check the dog tick treatment product usage instructions and consult a veterinarian before usage.

Types of dog tick treatment

There are several types of dog tick treatment available in the market. These dog tick treatment products vary by type and target different purposes. The common dog tick treatment products are described below.

Tick Collars – Tick collars are a popular dog tick treatment product that can be used by the pet owner to kill the ticks that are already latched to the dog and compel the attached ones to fall off. Preventic dog collar is a popular brand and provides longer protection, generally around three months. This is an easy dog tick treatment method and can be used in addition to the other dog tick treatment methods for additional protection.

Tick Spot on and topical medications – Spot on and topical dog tick treatment methods provide an ongoing defense to keep the ticks away. They are easy to use and can be used all the year round. Brands such as ProMeris, K9 Advantix, and Frontline Plus are some popular examples. These dog tick treatment products need to be applied on the back of the dogs every month. Some treatments wash off during a shampoo and should be considered before scheduling a treatment.

Dog Tick Treatment

Dog Tick Treatment

Tick Shampoos and Sprays – Maltese Dogs that have visible ticks on their skin must be treated immediately in order to prevent tick borne diseases. The active ingredient of these products is either Permethrin or Pyrethrins. Shampoo your dog to remove all visible ticks. On the other hand, if you suspect that your dog has picked up ticks from outside then you can apply the dog tick treatment spray before bringing him indoor.

Dog tick treatment dips – dog tick treatment dips are suitable for those dogs that have picked too many ticks and it is tough to remove them through tick removal tool or tweezers. Dog tick treatment dips give off fumes and hence they should be used in a well ventilated room. If you are skeptical of using Maltese dog tick treatment dips at home then you can get the treatment done at a veterinarian’s chamber. Dog tick treatment dip need to repeated every seven days for at least three to four weeks continuously in order to remove all the ticks.

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