Teacup Maltese Puppies

Teacup Maltese dogs or miniature Maltese dogs are not designer Maltese dogs or some special type of Maltese. It is a typical Maltese dog only but smaller in size. The term Tea cup Maltese is used because these dogs are so tiny that they can be placed in tea cups. Teacup Maltese puppy and Teacup Maltese dog are just marketing terms used by breeders. Some people believe that tiny dog is a unique diversity among the Maltese breed. However, this is not true. Teacup Maltese dogs are typical Maltese dogs and fall under the toy category only.

Teacup Maltese puppies has gained extreme popularity all across the globe. And the main reason behind it is that most of the people live in apartments with limited space, and therefore they cannot just have any large dog as a pet. Tea cup Maltese is bred specially by mating of runts and is therefore small in size. Since it is bred specially one has to shed out more. The price for tiny puppy can be anywhere between $250 to $2500. Always try to find Teacup Maltese puppies for sale from reputable dogs breeders.

Features of Tea cup Maltese Dogs

Size of Tea cup Maltese dog

Tea cup Maltese dog is much smaller in size than the standard official size. Its weight is between one and four pounds and the average height is around three inches. Since it is very small, Teacup Maltese puppies does not demand large space and can easily be taken care. Its tiny size allows the owner to carry it along with him when he is out or travelling. It is very light as well so carrying it is not a pain.

The small size makes tiny teacup Maltese puppy fragile as well. There are great chances of injury of being accidently stepped over or sat upon. As a result, Tea Cup dog demands proper consideration and care especially where there are small children.

Character of Teacup Maltese dogs

Teacup Maltese puppies for sale

Teacup Maltese puppies for sale

Teacup dogs is notorious for shy nature. It is very crucial to keep them occupied with different types of social activities and surrounded by people. It is known to become dependent on its owners and hence should not be left alone for prolonged hours.

Teacup or miniature dogs are also believed to suffer from certain behavioral problems as well. Frequent barking, separation anxiety, housebreaking and suspiciousness when not socialized are common problems. However, these problems are most reported when the dog is left alone. If your work keeps you out all day then this dog is not meant for you.

Health problems of tiny Teacup Maltese dogs

Tea cup or miniature Maltese bears high risk of various types of health problems at any age. It is more prone when it is underweight, malnourished and generated by use of unethical methods. Shallow breathing, dullness and weakness are common symptoms. It also has high chances of bone breaking.

Teacup puppy should be given proper exercise as other breeds of dog. It can start showing signs of act if it is not taken for walk. Regular walks keep it less distraught, cool and calm. Since housebreaking is a common issue with this breed, regular exercise keeps it occupied and also assists in alleviating stress.

If your toy Tea Cup Maltese dog is under the standard weight, you have to take extra care to keep it safe and healthy. When you first bring home a Teacup or miniature Maltese puppy, check for signs that it is undernourished. These may include shallow breathing and general weakness. In addition, the eyes may lack typical Maltese brightness and produce a watery discharge. If you notice any of these signs, consult a veterinarian immediately so that you can avoid the damage malnourishment may cause. Any miniature or teacup dog will require more frequent checkups than its larger counterparts. The breed’s already-frail bones are even more easily broken in smaller dogs. Setting up steps or ramps that lead down from places your dog likes to be becomes even more vital with a teacup Maltese. Teach it to use these steps and scold it when it tries to jump down. Regular checkups will include looking out for problems with the lungs, heart, or other organs. Discuss your pet’s health with its veterinarian and heed any advice you receive.

If you have a toy Teacup or miniature pet, be very careful with your dog since the bones are more fragile; prevent broken bones by setting up ramps to keep your Maltese from jumping off of furniture. Avoid excessive exercise since playing too vigorously could lead to broken bones as well. Undernourishment is common in Tea-cup dogs when they are first brought home; signs include lethargy, dullness, weakness and shallow breathing. See your veterinarian regularly to evaluate any conditions associated with underdeveloped organs.

Teacup Maltese Food

Maltese dogs tend to be picky about what they eat. Once you find a food that your dog likes you should stick to it. You should also avoid feeding your pet house scraps since his sensitive stomach is likely to reject these kinds of food. Teacup Maltese dogs often vomit when given different or unusual foods. These dogs also sometimes have difficulty with digestion and breathing problems.

Caring teacup Maltese dogs

Teacup Maltese dogs demand a lot of attention. These dogs need to be petted and groomed more than other dogs and they don’t react well to being left alone for extended periods. If you work long hours you may find that your micro Teacup Maltese puppy has gone to town on your furniture in revenge for your abandonment. In addition, these dogs are highly sensitive to sound and will often bark almost constantly when left alone for long periods. If you live in an apartment complex, your neighbours may complain that while you are gone they cannot get any peace and quiet.

Tiny Teacup Maltese dogs are well suited for apartment life. While the pets need a daily walk, they can be very active indoors so missing a day isn’t detrimental to their well being. If you skip too many walks, however, they will become frustrated and, therefore, more likely to act out. Maltese breed is notoriously difficult to housebreak, but not hopeless. These dogs need constant reinforcement and crate training. Sometimes, these pets are too quick to bark. Training and consistent reinforcement are hugely important in combating this tendency. Daily grooming, including brushing its long coat and cleaning its eyes and ears, are necessary with Teacup Maltese. Regular bathing is also important but be sure to keep the pets dry and warm after its bath.

How to find good tiny teacup Maltese puppies for sale

You can always find toy teacup Maltese puppies for sale. Ask reputed teacup Maltese breeders in your area or browse online teacup Maltese breeders directories.

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  1. I live in Indiana, could you help me find a breeder who breeds these dogs and would sell me a female for a pet not bredding. My husband and I are seniors would like a very small dog to bring us joy, for we are alone most of time. I live in the Fort Wayne area but can travel some . would like to meet the parents of a puppy before buying, for we got took on one a year ago and could not keep dog cause it would not pottytrain and got too big , gave it to my daughter. can not afford more than $500.00 either.

  2. I really love Tea cup Maltese and yorkie dogs, and have been looking around for over a year now for the right dog such as well known breeders, health of the adults and tempraments and being in the UK england. If anyone knows of well known breeders in the UK a reply would be much appericated.

  3. There is a lady who is giving away a full-blooded maltese. All you have to do is pay transportation fees to have it shipped to you. (The fees are paid directly to the transport company.) Her daughter had the puppy but she passed away and the lady is simply looking for a good home for the dog. If you are interested, email me and I will forward her contact information to you.

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